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I am a rose breasted cockatoo and my name is Percy.  I used to be nervous and was pretty afraid of people, especially women.  When my toys were changed in my cage I would sometimes panic, but now I am doing just fine in my new home.  I love to meet new people, really like my toys – even the new ones, and learned to mimic the people around me” 

Percy was taken in at All Stars when his former owner declared that she would put him to sleep if someone did not take him.  Parrots are particularly hard for people to have as pets and develop many behavior problems if not handled correctly.  Percy just needed some positive interaction and slow desensitization to change.  If thinking of adopting a parrot, please be sure to read a lot about their care, behavior and training from a reputable positive reinforcement trainer and avian specialist.  If you want to sponsor Percy or donate towards his care, consider donating $25 a month to cover his food and toys. 

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