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“Being a guinea pig, I see a lot of kids – they love to pet me and I love being petted.  But what I love most is my greens… kale, romaine, chicory, dandelion… these are the things of my dreams!  I also love carrots and apples!  I hope you know, all guinea pigs are really friendly, but we need special care so please learn about us before adopting, so that we can have a long friendship together.”

Homer was surrendered to All Stars with 8 other guinea pigs.. the result of two accidental litters.  Their family split up and the guinea pigs had no where to go… so All Stars took them in.  The guinea pigs are settled and doing well but they do eat a lot of produce.  If you want to sponsor the guinea pigs, consider a $50 monthly donation to cover their feed, litter, pellets and hay. 

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