All Stars animal sanctuary exists to provide a sanctuary for abused, neglected or unwanted animals and to emotionally connect people with animals enabling them to make life
changes that benefit both animals and people.  We seek to promote an understanding of animals through education, interaction, volunteerism, advocacy and personal experiences
to transform the way that people relate to animals. 

The mission of All Stars Animal Sanctuary is to provide a home for unwanted animals and to emotionally connect people and animals creating better lives for both. 


  1. Provide a sanctuary for unwanted animals
      Provide a retreat for domestic and exotic animals at our sanctuary.
    b.  Provide the best care for the animals while they are with us through proper diet, good housing, medical treatment and environmental enrichment.

  2. Find homes for animals
    a.  Find safe homes with educated parents/owners for adoptable animals temporarily housed at the sanctuary.
    b.  Network throughout the community to find homes for animals in need, being responsible for the animal from the current owner to new home. 

  3. Connect people to animals through emotional experiences
     Provide quality educational experiences for children, adults and potential pet owners/parents through on site and off site seminars and workshops about responsible animal care. Resident animals will be a part of these seminars and workshops to enhance learning through direct animal interaction.
    b.  Provide workshops, lectures or seminars on animal behavior, enrichment, intelligence and training to promote a better understanding of animals and their relationship with humans.

  4. Advocate animal welfare
      Support initiatives that promote sound animal care practices and reduction of euthanasia rates in shelters.
    b.  Write timely articles animal welfare issues involving domestic and exotic pets.

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